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himalaya moon light

Images of Himalayas -

Where the path leaded us

When in the mountains, they have the last word. Same paths, different journeys. 


Here are a few pictures of places we reached by letting the path lead us.

Photography | English writings

L'espace d'un instant

The glimpse of a moment

Tu es bien ici ?

Toujours ailleurs, c'est jamais nulle part.

Fuir l'agitation des foules, en quête de petites oasis pour, un instant,

se souvenir que l'on est vivant.

French writings | Drawings

HD hill

Himalaya Dense

Our journey through expressions in drawings and words

English writings | Drawings

oasis time space
night india

Intime India

Pictures taken by night, when the restless endless crowds make space for the quiet shops, empty roads and whispering ladies.




Smiles of Dust

Beauty beheld is beauty perfected. A collection of pictures of the ladies from a remote village in Tamil Nadu during an exchange program.



I live in a forest.


Marie and Amal.jpg

Carte mentale




Along Coromandal Coast


Map | English writings | Photography

Ride and Rice




ride and rice,

anthem of ours,

speak we must

of such hours:


Narrative Poetry



frère en tamoul

Anna c'est celui qui fais ton thé, t'indique

la bonne route, te sert le riz, t'accueil chez lui,

te tend une main suppliante...


french Poetry - pictures

étrange intérieur

Quand les tuktuks arrêtent de rouler

les Chai shops arrêtent de faire du thé

les ouvriers arrêtent de travailler

les vagabonds de vagabonder ?


French text - picture


Respiration Tropicale

The times are not for rides.

It looks like another adventure has begun.

The landscapes I swallowed

are still alive in my head.

I keep visiting them in my dreams.

But for now our times are in a small bubble : 

a Forest


Texts - Pictures - Drawings

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